Areas in LaMAS


Location: The MTC

Date Served: October 18 to December 18 2006

Companion: Elder Ellis Weiner

Baptisms: 0

Description: Well what do I say about the MTC. I was there for 9 weeks. I studied the Gospel and Spanish every single day. Every Tuesday and Sunday I went to a fireside and got to hear many church leaders. I was there for 2 holidays, Halloween and Thanksgiving. It was a best Thanksgiving of my mission, because they don´t have Thanksgiving in Argentina. It was a great experience, but I was ready to go and start my mission.

Location: Cuidad De Milagros, Salta Capital

Date Served: December 19 to March 11 2007

Companions: Elder Chason Archuleta

                           Elder Cesar Rodriguez

Baptisms: 3

Description: My first area. It was a beautiful place. It part of the capital, but it is several miles from downtown. It has several nice neighborhoods, and then the usual poor parts. The state college was in my area, along with a nice river that runs along the northern border of my area. It was a large area, and I never even saw all of it.

Location: Monterrico, Jujuy

Date Served: March 11 to July 15 2008

Companions: Elder Luis Alvarez
    Elder Gabriel Soto
    Elder Pete Harris
Baptisms:  6
Description:  I loved Monterrico. Its a little town about an hour south of the capital of Jujuy. Its main export is tobacco. It was my first time living far away from other missionaries. On the whole, the town was clean, but small. I think I knocked every door at least 4 times in my 4 months there.


Location: Manantial, Tucuman Capital

Date Served: July 16 to October 7 2008

Companion: Elder Nathan Christensen

Baptisms:  1

Description:   I loved Manantial. I went up to Senior comp and got my kid, Elder Christensen there. The town is close to downtown of Tucuman, but still on the outskirts of town. It had 3 soda pop factories within half a mile.  It has many members, but overall has low attendance.  Even though I worked super hard,  I was only able to baptism one person in my 3 months there.



Location: Las Tenia, Tucuman Capital

Date Served: October 8 to November 18 2008

Companion: Elder Kent Hatch

Baptisms:  2

Description:  Short and Sweet. I was only in LasTenia for 6 weeks. It is also in Tucuman, but on the other side of town. It had decent neighborhoods, but it was hard to work because we didn´t  live in our area and had to travel there everyday. The church is small, with only about 15 active members. But they are strong and will keep the church going.



Location: Independencia, Salta Capital

Date Served: November 19 2007 to March 24 2008

Companion: Elder Felix Mancuello

                        Elder Layne Papenfuss

Baptisms:  14

Description:  The return to Salta. I loved Independence, more than any other area. I baptized the most, I worked the hardest, and had one of my best companions. As shown in the picture, I was there during the rainy months and it rained almost everyday while I was there. We lived in a nice house, and had lots of houses to knock. Almost all of my baptisms here came from just knocking doors

Location: Diagonal Sur / 17 de Augusto, Tucuman Capital

Date Served: March 25 to June  15 2008

Companion: Elder Travis Brown

                        Elder Justin Lawson

Baptisms:  2

Description:  Again to Tucuman. This time I was right in the middle of town. I also went up to District Leader while I was there. I had 2 new companions, so it was kinda like training a kid again. We knocked alot of doors here, but rarely got in. Tucuman is a great place, but I´ve never had many baptisms there.


Location: Santa Rosa, Salta

Date Served: June 16 to October 19

Companion: Elder David Soriano

Baptisms:  3

Description:  I´ve been here for a month now. I love this little town. I´m about an hour from the closest city, and about 5 hours from Salta Capital. The town is poor, dirty and devoted to Banana farms, but the people are nice, and we get in almost very door we knock. I believe I will finish my mission here.