The Fruits of the Labor

Name: Patricio Donaire

Place: Cuidad de Milagros, Salta

Date: December 23 2006

Story: I met Patricio on the first day in Argentina. E´ Archuleta and his mini had gotten a reference from his grandson. They taught him all the lessons, and on my first night in the mission, he had his baptismal interview, and on Saturday he was baptized by his friend.  I never personally taught him alot, but I was able to see him get the Aaronic and Melchizedek Priesthood.  He is still active.

Name: Sabrina Mamani

Place:Cuidad de Milagros, Salta

Date: January 27 2007

Story: Sabrina was my first real convert. We found her doing a street contact with her mom. We taught her for my whole first transfer, and then she was baptized on the last weekend.  I have enjoyed the privilege of continued contact with Sabrina through my mission, and she continues to grow and mature in the Church. She is still active. 

Name: Jose Casasola

Place:Cuidad de Milagros, Salta

Date: February 10 2007

Story:  Jose was the first person I ever baptized in my life. Jose was a member reference. He came to church for 2 months before we baptized him. All seemed well at first, but unfortunately, he was lying to us about alot of things, and shortly after I left Salta he disappeared, and hasn't been back to church since. 

Name: Favio Velez

Place: Monterrico Jujuy

Date:April 28 07

Story: Favio was a reference from his mother. He had been to Church many times before, but was unable to be baptized due to illness. But after he was all better, he received the lessons, and progressed alot. Today he is still active, goes every week with his family, and passes the sacrament. 

Name: Graciela Carnecel

Place:Monterrico Jujuy

Date: April 28 07

Story: Graciela was really a special baptism. Even though I didn't do the first contact, I was present for 95% of the lessons.  Her conversion wasn't easy, but she knew what we were teaching her was true, and she couldn't ignore it. I got to baptize her.  Since her baptism,  she and her family have had many trials, but still remain active in the church.

Name: Jose and Antonio Carnecel

Place:Monterrico Jujuy

Date: May 26 07

Story:  These 2 are part 2 of the Carnecel family. After Graciela´s baptism, we began to teach the kids. The twins progresses rapidly, and were able to be baptized before the other kids.  Although forced to work in a tobacco field, they wake up early everyday and go to seminary.  Not only did I baptise Jose, but I also ordained him to be a teacher. 

Name: Veronica and Franko Carnecel

Place: Monterrico Jujuy

Date: June 10 2007

Story: The last 2. Veronica and Franko were baptized last of the their family.  Franko is active to this day and goes with his brothers to church, but Veronica never really was converted like the rest of her family. Although she still goes to church, she only goes once and a while. 

 Name: Elvio Candardo

Place:Monterrico Jujuy

Date: July 7 07

Story: Elvio was a reference from his girlfriend. Although he lived an hour away from Monterrico, he came every weekend to spend time with his girlfriend. She brought him to church for several months. We taught him while at church and even made a special trip to his house to do the interview. Although my contact has been limited with Elvio,  I believe he still goes to church when he comes to Monterrico.

 Name: Silvia Dezhalot

Place: Manantial Tucuman

Date: October 7, 2007

Story: My first baptism as Senor comp.  We found Silvia knocking doors on a Saturday morning. Most of her family were inactive members. We worked hard with Silvia. It was a bumpy uphill trip, but we made it. She gained a true testimony of the church and was ready to do what she knew was right.  Today she is the Primary President and feeds the missionaries every week. 

Name: Fiama

Place: LasTenia, Tucuman

Date: October 19 2007

Story:  Fiama was a reference from a member. I wasn't there for any of the lessons or even the interview. But after her baptism, I was able to have several visits with her and continue to teach her more about the church. She is active.

Name: Cecilla Macias

Place: LasTenia, Tucuman

Date: October 26 2007

Story: Cecilla is one of my best converts. Even though I didn't do the initial contact, or even teach her much before her baptism, I was able to help her make the decision to be baptised. She had listened to the missionaries for 5 months before I came.  On our first visit together, we sat down and talked about why she hadn't been baptized yet.  We left that appointment with a baptism date for the following weekend. Even though her parents said they would disown her, Cecilla knew the church was true, and decided to follow Christ.  Today she is one of the strongest members of her tiny branch, and is the Young Woman´s President.

Name: Oscar, Patricia, Diana,  Fernando Ruiz

Place: Independencia, Salta

Date: December 8, 2007

Story:  My second family.  I wasn't there for the first lesson or even their first time to church, but in the 4 months I was in Salta, I taught the Ruiz family everything I knew.  We shared countless lessons together,  tons of questions, and several Priesthood blessings.  They stayed very active the whole time I was in Salta, but became to have several difficult trials after I left. Although they still go to church about twice a month, they still struggle with alot of things. 

Name:  Alejandro Ruiz

Place: Independencia, Salta

Date: Febuary 2 2008

Story:  The last Ruiz. Ale wasn't present for most of the first lessons with the rest of his family. But after 2 months of one-on-one lessons with the missionaries and help from his parents, he prepared himself to be baptized. 

 Name: Nickole Medina

Place: Independencia, Salta

Date: December 22 2007

Story: Nickole was a reference from her parents. Although both are members, they went inactive for some time. When we found them, Nickole had just turned 9, and had now become the responsibly of the missionaries. We taught her along side her parents and helped all 3 of them return to the church.  Just recently they moved back to Bolivia. I don't know anything more about them, only that they had many trials, but confided in God.

 Name: Carlos, Elena,  Alexis, JuanMaunel Tula

Place: Independencia, Salta

Date: February 2 2008

Story: The best family of my mission. I found them knocking doors on a Sunday afternoon. From the second lesson, I was sure they would be baptized. Carlos did exactly what the Book of Mormon says, and asked God with faith. He knows for himself, independent from anyone else that the church is true. The day before they were baptized, we married them. I baptized Carlos and his wife Elena. I was also able to see Carlos receive the Melchizedek Preisthood, and his sons receive the Aaronic. 

Name: Christen Tula

Place: Independencia, Salta

Date: March 24 2008

Story: Christen, like Alejandro just needed some extra time and special attention to get baptized. It was really sorta funny. He faked like he didn´t want to listen for weeks, while he secretly went to seminary. His teacher, an RM, helped him alot, and he was soon ready to listen to us.  I was able to baptize him on my last day in Salta. He, like his family are still very active in the church.

Name:  Carlos and Joaquin Romero

Place: Independencia, Salta

Date: March 1 2008

Story:  We found these boys with the help of their uncle, who is pictured here. He was the bishop of another ward in Salta. Although their mothers are members, Carlos or Joaquin were ever baptized. We helped them to read the scriptures and to pray. We also spent most of our time at their house teaching their mothers why they needed to come back to church. Although all 4 of them came for some time, their mothers never really changed, and without their mothers support, they became less active.

Name: Nathan Jaime

Place: Sur, Tucuman

Date:April 21 2008

Story: Nathan was a similar story to Nickole. He was nine years old, and his parents were inactive. This happens alot in Argentina. The missionaries do their best to teach the gospel and baptize, but at that age, it all depends on the support of the parents. Nathan came for some time with his mom and friend, but quickly went back to being inactive. 

Name: Lucia Colqui

Place: Sur, Tucuman

Date: June 2008

Story: Lucia is a great lady. She is every quiet. She would rarely talk during our lessons. But she understood what we were teaching her, and read and prayed everyday.  We taught her many short little lessons, and she learned alot from us.  She is very fellowshiped within her little branch and loves coming to church. 

Name: Moises and Jessica Flores

Place: Santa Rosa, Salta

Date: July 12, 2008

Story: We found this little family while knocking doors. We knew from the first lesson they´d be baptized. Because Antonia is living with another man, and isn't married, she couldn't be baptized with her children. But we are working with her and hope she will soon be baptized.

Name: Markos Chanice

Place: Santa Rosa, Salta

Date: July 12 08

Story: Markos was a reference from his 2 uncles pictured here. Although young, he is quite smart for his age and circumstances. He spends the weekends with his uncles so that he can come to church every week.

Name: Daniela and Debora Ponce

Place:  Santa Rosa, Salta

Date: July 26, 2008

Story: These two were a reference from a member. They came to church several times with this member before we went to their house to begin teaching them. We taught them alongside their mom, who is also progressing to be baptized within a few weeks.

Name: Paublo Guzman

Place: Santa Rosa, Salta

Date: August 30 08

Story: Brother Guzman is a really special convert. His whole family have been baptized for over a year, but he didnt want to. As we taught him more and more, he began to feel the spirit and the disire to be baptized. One day as we taught him, we talked about the temple and etneral familes. He looked at his wife and said to her, We need to go there. It is the House of the Lord. He made the choice then to be baptized. His son, Daniel baptized him and the Branch Presidient confirmed him.

Other Baptisms

These are some of the people I taught, but that were baptized after I left the Area

Name: Victoria Lopez

Place: Cuidad de Milagros, Salta

Date: July 2007

Story: I taught Victoria for 2 transfers while I was in Salta. She came to church several times too. She was a reference from a member. It took her 6 months to finally make the decision to get baptized. I´m not sure why after so many lessons she wasn't converted, but she today she is less active.

Name: Berta

Place:Monterrico Jujuy

Date: July 12 07

Story: Berta was a golden contact. She was truly awesome. We knocked her door one day, and she told us she wanted to be baptized that weekend. She had listened to the missionaries years before, and had been remembering all the things they taught her when we showed up. She came to church a few times, and gained her personal testimony. She was baptized the weekend after I left.

Name: Carla

Place: Monterrico Jujuy

Date: August 2007

Story: Here is Berta´s daughter. Even though I never taught her, it was special to me to hear she was baptized. I remember talking with her once and explaining 2 Nephi 2:25. She had never heard the Fall of Adam explained like that. And that is how she began to listen to the gospel. She and her mother are still active.

Name: Dana Dezalot

Place: Manantial Tucuman

Date: October 16, 2007

Story:  This is Silvia´s oldest child. Due to the fact that we baptized Silvia the weekend I left, we didn't have time to teach Dana, and I had to leave. But luckily, I was transferred close by, and was able to come back the following weekend to see her baptism. She is still active with her mom and brothers.

Name: Daniela and Roxanna

Place: Manantial Tucuman

Date: October 2007

Story: I decided to put these 2 girls together. Maria Jose, pictured center, gave us a reference to both of these girls. I taught Daniela up until the day I left, but she hadn't been to church enough times to be baptized. Roxanna´s mom was a inactive member, and her dad didn't want her to be baptized. Even though we began teaching her and talking with her dad, she didn't receive permission until after I left. I was so happy to see both of these girls be baptized.

Name: Adriana and Celeste Roland

Place: Manantial Tucuman

Date: November 2007

Story: I found Adriana when she was 8 months pregnant, had a broken foot, and was living in a little shack with her 8 kids. She surprised us when she read several hundred pages of the Book of Mormon before our second visit. Due to her unusual circumstances we had to wait several months before she could be baptised. Although she is a great lady, and truly a great conversion story, she doesn't go to church much, and the missionaries aren't allowed to go to her house.

Name: Mercedes

Place: LasTenia, Tucuman

Date:November 2007

Story: Mercedes´ son has been an active member for years. Mercedes couldn't be baptized because she wasn't married. But once her ´husband´ died, she was able and willing to be baptized. She had extensive knowledge of the Church before we began to teach her.  I was present to teach her all the of lessons, and also to do her baptismal interview, but she was baptised the week after I left.

Name: Brother Luna

Place: LasTenia Tucuman

Date:November 2007

Story: Brother Luna will be Branch President some day. His wife and son are both active members, but he didn't want to be baptised for many years. Then after the help and example of his family, he made the choice to be baptized. We taught him everything, but like Mercedes, was baptised by his son the week after I left.

Name: Victor Zerda

Place: Sur, Tucuman

Date: July 2008

Story: Victor is a very manly man. He does things his way and when he wants to. If you do something he doesn't like, he´ll beat you up. Before I got to this area, missionaries had baptized his whole family.  While I was in the area, he came to church almost every week. He had a testimony of the church, he just didn't want to change and be ´bound´ by the church´s rules. But with the help of his wife and President Rubalcava, he made the choice to be baptized and form an eternal family. 



Name:  Good question...

Place: El Carmen, Jujuy

Date: July 2007

Story:  These are the Sister Missionaries baptisms. Elder Harris did their baptism interviews and then they asked me to baptizethem. It was a privilege to do it.